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The Importance of Design Details: Findlay Hats

There are few things I enjoy more than small business, hats, and the Northwest. So I was very stoked to discover a little brand in my backyard that combines all three. Findlay Hats is a relatively new brand out of Portland who creates some amazingly well-crafted…

art & design

Hyphenation Dos and Don’ts

Hyphenation is a common occurrence in typography, especially in narrow columns of type. This “necessary evil” is used to create better looking, tighter rags in non-aligned margins, as well as to help achieve more even spacing in justified text. Hyphenation also allows more words to…

art & design

5 Drawing Exercises To Learn How To Draw Perspective

Jorge Paricio is an adjunct professor of Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and author of Perspective Sketching, Freehand and Digital Drawing Techniques for Artists & Designers by Rockport Publishers. “Industrial design sketching is a crucial part of developing a concept…

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