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Ableton Push 2: An In Depth First Look

I have been using Ableton Live to produce since 2008. I spend every hour of my day either running audio for CreativeLive workshops or making music with Ableton. When I got word that Thomas Faulds, Ableton’s Brand Manager, and Andrew Luck from foundry10 were coming…

music & audio

Music & Audio Podcast 31: Ryan Downey

Ryan Downey is a man of many faces and many talents. In addition to being Senior Editor of Alternative Press and the man behind a dozen or so cover stories for the magazine, he is the boss over at Superhero Artist Management where he works…

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5 Timeless Tips for Better Songs and Mixes

While CreativeLive’s audio classes cover a huge range of genres and approaches to songwriting, engineering, mixing, and mastering, there are some common threads that run through all our classes. Here’s a few of our favorite timeless tips that will help you level up regardless of what…

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