Chase Jarvis: You Need to Make Art No One Else Can Make But You

Photo courtesy Chase Jarvis.
Photo courtesy Chase Jarvis.

CreativeLive co-founder Chase Jarvis recently took the stage at EMP for a Creative Mornings talk entitled “Grit, Guts, Gumption, and the Art of More.” Chase, who is both our energetic CreativeLive boss man and a jetsetting commercial photographer, underscored the importance of putting more of ourselves —vulnerability, fear, and all — into our work.

Below are our favorite quotes from his talk, which can be viewed in entirety over on UStream. Hat tip to @Seattle_CM and Amazon UX designer @TimothyWhalin for live tweeting the quotes.

“When you have a good idea, stop everything. Go write it down until you can’t write about it anymore.”

“You need to make art that no one else can make except you.”

“Take risks. Create more work and put more of yourself in your work.”

“Be brave. Seek the imperfect. Allow yourself to step away from perfection.”

“Imperfection as bravery creates unique personal work.”

“3 barriers to education: geography, cost, and access to the world’s best. creativeLIVE crushes each of those.”

“Creativity is for everyone. CreativeLive is on the cusp of blowing that wide open.”

“What’s the process of idea conception to completion? Building a life that allows full pursuit of an idea when inspiration hits.”

“What do you have to do to get other people to buy into your idea? Demonstrate it. Show them what it is.”

“The key to my success: vulnerability. The willingness to share, be imperfect, and to fail.”

“If we invest in culture, business will follow.”

“Get knocked down 7 times, stand up 8.”

Stream Chase’s entire Creative Mornings talk over on UStream.

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