Chase Jarvis: No One Needs to Give You Permission to Create

Photo courtesy Chase Jarvis

Do you consider yourself an artist? You might not spend your waking hours sketching bowls of fruit or crocheting wall hangings, but everyone has artistic potential and creative ability — even if you don’t self-identify as a creative. World-renowned photographer / creativeLIVE cofounder, Chase Jarvis recently talked to Huffington Post about creative potential, and how creatives no longer require permission from “experts” or traditional training in their industry.

“My definition of an artist is someone who makes something. Or someone who has the ability to make something,” Chase said. “I believe that we are all artists, that we are all inherently creative. This idea, that some of us are creative and some of us aren’t — is totally fabricated. Don’t believe the hype. This is the first time in the history of the world where we as creatives don’t require any permission from anyone in the world to do what we want to do.”

Thanks to social media and the ability for anyone to create a website or blog, Chase says creatives now have a very powerful channel — the “ability to share our work at scale like never, ever before.” The freedom to share, sell, and make art with a worldwide community of fellow creatives and potential buyers alike is revolutionary, and has turned “being an artist” into a tangible profession anyone can claim as their own.

“The fact that we don’t require permission from a gallerist to hang our work in a gallery, that we don’t require permission from a photo editor to get our pictures in a magazine, to me that makes it the most exciting time in history to be a creative,” Chase explained. “We can go direct now, and the web, and your presence on the web, is specifically how you go about doing that.”

Source: Huffington Post

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