Chase Jarvis on How Creativity Will Save the World…If We Let It

CreativeLive CEO Chase Jarvis spent his time at SXSW rolling down the streets in the back of an Uber, interviewing tons of bright, creative people. But that wasn’t his whole mission. The real reason he was in Austin was actually to deliver this keynote talk at the festival’s Interactive portion, which you can now watch online.

Called “Creativity is the New Literacy,” Chase’s talk is an inspirational look at the importance of creativity in just about every industry, and the many roadblocks in the way of creative thinking. Because creativity isn’t just about art or new media; creative thinking could be the answer to some of the toughest challenges facing humans today.

“Creativity is actually the thing that solves all problems,” says Chase. “Not just some problems — all problems. It’s going to solve the water crisis. It’s going to solve the humanitarian crisis…But the real problem, then, is that we are living in a culture, and we have an educational system, that does not prioritize creativity, that does not cultivate creativity. In fact, it stamps it out. And that’s a huge worry for me.”

Chase’s solution? Change the system — and make creativity a priority in the lives of those who don’t even think of themselves are creative people.

Watch the whole thing here , then tell us: What did you create today?

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