Chase Jarvis: Why — and How — I Use Photoshop

Chase Jarvis in action on location.
Chase Jarvis in action on location.

creativeLIVE co-founder Chase Jarvis is a world-renowned commercial photographer whose clients include Samsung, Lululemon, Mountain Dew, Volvo, McDonalds, and more. Chase is known for his dynamic, vivid images, going to great lengths to do so — hanging out of helicopters, sliding down mountains, sailing alongside a super pod of dolphins off the coast of South Africa. While Chase captures these incredible moments in in camera, Photoshop is an essential part of bringing these lush scenes to life.

“Photoshop allows me to really think of the moment,” Chase says. “When you’re focused on the moment and on capturing that thing that might not ever happen again in the history of the world, getting the horizon right and getting the light — all that stuff perfect — doesn’t always happen, and in that case Photoshop serves as a sort of safety net and really helps me in my job.”

In addition to acting as a safety net, Photoshop also helps Chase close the creative gap between what he envisions and what’s possible to capture in camera. “When we’re working in high-end advertising, there’s an element of surrealness to a lot of the images and those images can’t always be created in camera,” Chase says. “Part of my fine art work is in making gigantic panoramic images — so whether I’m on the summit of Kilimanjaro or some iceberg in Iceland, I will shoot 20-40 images to get incredible detail, and in post-production I will assemble those images into a giant say 4 or 8 or 10 foot tall and 20 foot wide image. No other program that I know of in the world can do that for me. It’s an amazing tool that creates possibility.”

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