CL Music & Audio Podcast 03: Tommy Rogers & Jamie King


After a bit of a hiatus, the CL Music & Audio podcast is back with a bang, joined by our guests Tommy Rogers and Jamie King. You probably know Tommy as the vocalist for Between The Buried And Me and Jamie as the brains behind The Basement Recording Inc, where he has worked with bands like The Contortionist, Scale the Summit, He is Legend, Alesana, and A Skylit Drive.

I was especially excited to talk to them about our shared roots in the ’90s DIY hardcore scene. They were doing their thing in North Carolina while I was over here in Seattle, and even though we were 2500 miles apart, our experiences were more similar than not. I don’t think any of us expected those years to be as influential in our “professional lives” as they were, but looking back it was definitely a big deal. This was all pre-internet, and there wasn’t really a blueprint for what we were doing, so we just had to stumble along and figure it out as we went… a lot like working at a startup!

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We chatted with them about what’s made their 15-year working relationship so strong, how they approach Tommy’s solo material vs BTBAM, why it is a really bad idea to show up at the studio with nothing more than some Guitar Pro files, and how the ’90s DIY scene shapes how we do things today.

For more info on how Tommy and Jamie work their magic in the studio, check out their CreativeLive class on December 8-9. Sign up now to watch it free!


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