CL Music & Audio Podcast 06: Dan Tsurif of Mercenary Management

finn n dan

Me (in the striped shirt) and Dan (in the other striped shirt) polishing the Black Veil Brides gold record at Sumerian/Mercenary HQ (RIP Pantheon Agency)

Managers are kind of like the CIA spooks of the music world: everyone knows they’re out there, operating behind the scenes and making things happen, but few people know exactly what they do or how they do it. With that in mind, I thought I’d pick the brain of my friend Dan Tsurif of Mercenary Management, who works with artists like Zakk Wylde and Black Veil Brides. We chatted about what a manager does in general, where they fit in vs other industry players like booking agents and A&Rs, how to know when your band does (or doesn’t) need a manager, and how to be a problem-taker-awayer.


Mercenary Management on Facebook & Twitter // Dan Tsurif on Twitter

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