Tips for Eye-Catching Pinterest Posts: Choosing the Right Elements

An engaging, attention-grabbing Pinterest post increases the chances of it being shared on social media and driving traffic to your website. Here are some tips from Pinterest expert and entrepreneur Melanie Duncan on how to create an eye-catching, effective post.

Clear Photo

A gorgeous photo will grab attention fast. The key is to choose an image that is clean, simple, and sharp. Your own photographs are great to use since you own the copyright and resemble your branding. If you don’t have your own photo, you can also use any of the numerous stock image resources available.

Good Color, Logo, and Elements

Choose a color that enhances the photo you selected. You can add your logo on the image, but be aware that it may not be applicable to all your posts. Adding graphical elements, such as shapes and textures, are great way to make text stand out. Remember, good design lies in simplicity. So select fonts, colors, and elements that work together in a clean and simple manner. Keep them consistent to stay true to and develop your brand.

Use “Pretty” Words

Use text that is more editorial and stylish to resemble a magazine. This will set you apart from other sales and promotion pins. For example, promoting a fall decor update with a promotion on rugs is more exciting than a pin that just says 20% off rugs. Paint the picture for why the viewer needs what you are selling. Use pretty words to engage, such as: sparkle, luxe, create, love, warm, sexy, brilliant, style, chic, clever. Use these as a callout and do not get too wordy. The visual quality of the words is just as important as the words themselves. So keep the text clean and direct and do not use abbreviations or contractions.


Finally, when you have your eye-catching post complete, post it on all of your social media pages. The first place is to put it on your blog, then post to Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and your newsletter with the link back to your blog. And make sure you optimize the size of the post for each social network so that it displays properly as viewers are scrolling through their feed.

For more Pinterest Tips, watch Melanie Duncan’s creativeLIVE course.


Joanna Ziemlewski

Joanna Ziemlewski is a New York based Strategic Intervention coach, freelance writer, lover of life and people. Most of the time she is inspiring and showing others how to create an extraordinary quality of life on her site SoulScaping. Follow Joanna on Facebook and Twitter (@soulscaping).