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free downloadable track
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At CreativeLive, we believe that creativity is more than just a way of thinking — it’s a gift that you share with those around you. And we’re so honored that our audience chooses to share their creativity with us, every single day, whether it’s online or here in our studios. This year, we decided to give something back, so we had members from our very-talented team put their creativity to work to make a gift to share.

Our first gift is a free downloadable track, created by Anthony G., aka Graz. Anthony is best known around Creative Live for being the incredibly helpful voice on the end of the line when CL viewers call with support questions, but he’s also a musician and graphic artist.

“I created this song as a thank to my fans and the DJs just getting started,” says Anthony about the song he made. “It’s the track I always wanted when I was starting out as a DJ but could never find. That genre-changing banger that will get everyone moving at the same time regardless of musical preference.”

Anthony says that those who support his creativity help make it possible, and that this song is a thank-you gift for them.


“In the past few years I have got to travel all across the country to perform and none of it would be possible with the unrelenting support of my fans and their communities. Although most of my music is free on myBandcamp, I feel it is always important to always give as much back to them as possible. Without them I wouldn’t be able to share my passion with the world!”

The song, while fully-formed and ready to go, is also a gift that keeps on giving.

“The track can be enjoyed by itself but made it for all those DJs out there that need a secret weapon in their mix-sets,” says Anthony.

Stay tuned for more gifts from the folks at Creative Live all this week. We’ll have one from our design community, our crafters, and more. 

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