Desktop Wallpaper Download: Playing with Letter Design

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For this wallpaper download, I decided to go ahead and play at my own work, dealing with elements that I wouldn’t normally work with for creating artwork.

As a letterer, my work consists of drawing letter shapes and combine them with color, composition and texture to convey a certain story or atmosphere. The craft of letter design moves within a certain set of rules: the ones from our alphabet. Whatever letter shape I happen to draw has to accomplish one goal which is being readable and recognisable as such.

For this wallpaper, I played around with a set of isolated elements and combined them to create a piece of lettering. The set of “players” is composed by textures, small illustrations, simple shapes, ink splatter, brush strokes and patterns.

These were used in layers, overlapping to each other and being combined so as they construct letter shapes to write the word ‘PLAY’. Texture and color, help identifying the single elements. Some soft shadow effects added a sense of depth to the composition, to still identifying the “players on the playground” while taking part of the whole.

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Martina Flor is a letterer.