Music & Audio Podcast 20: Diego Farias of Volumes

Diego Farias

You may know Diego Farias as the guitarist and principal songwriter of Volumes, but he’s also an accomplished producer/engineer whose star is quickly rising. In addition to producing all the Volumes releases, he’s also worked with bands including Chelsea Grin, Structures, Stray From The Path, and Animals As Leaders.

He’s one of what I consider to be the new breed of up-and-coming producers: people who balance perfection and imperfection, who know all the studio tricks of editing, sample replacement, and so forth, but also have the taste to know when NOT to use them.

“Erased,” which we talk about in more detail toward the end of the podcast

We caught up and talked about all kinds of stuff, from the challenges of balancing his career as an artist with his production career, how he’s upped his production game over the years, why tone is in the hands, and some really, really great insights on songwriting (specifically, why the traditional ‘rules’ of songwriting apply just as much to metal as they do to any other genre). This one came out really well, so definitely don’t skip it!


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