How a $10 DIY Lighting Tool Helped Lindsay Adler Create This Photo

Lindsay Adler has photographed for some of the worlds biggest fashion magazines, including InStyle, Elle, and Marie Claire, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t DIY her tools to get her shots to look exactly the way she needs them to.

Today at Photo Week 2016, Lindsay walked us through how she lit the photo below, and one of the tools she used may or may not be a surprise: white foam core.

Lindsay Adler told us about a lighting trick you can totally DIY for about $10. Check it out in this blog post!


Along with an overhead beauty dish and a few other tools (that are a cost investment, no doubt), Lindsay used two white foam core boards in a v-shape under the model’s chin to add some nice uplight to her face. There are more expensive ways you can light a scene, but spending $10 and a trip to Michael’s proves that you don’t have to drop a small fortune on lighting setups. You can find more of Lindsay’s favorite lighting setups on her site!



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Kristy Ellington

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