DIY Trends We Need to Retire In 2015

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This summer, I attended a DIY wedding that was so on-trend that a friend of mine — who was not present — was able to accurately guess almost every detail of the decor. Hand-written signs indicating where in the rustic field the lawn games were located? Check. Clothes pins on a laundry line holding up pictures of the couple? You bet. Burlap everything? Absolutely. This wedding was so precisely 2014 that it had nearly become a parody of the hottest DIY trends of the year.

And at the point at which the line between fashionable and potentially ironic becomes muddled, it is time to consider moving on to a new look.

These DIY trends were huge in 2014 — and don’t get me wrong, it’s for good reason. They’re all very tasteful! But as we approach a new year, it might be wise to silently delete them from your Pinterest boards and set your eyes on newer, less ubiquitous accents and ideas.

burlap DIY trend 2014
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Burlap. “Burlap and lace” has, at this point, essentially become shorthand for a specific kind of aesthetic. Think: Locally-sourced honey as the wedding gift, or engagement photos taken in cowboy boots and a vintage dress. Which isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with any of these elements, but burlap, which has been gaining steam as the go-to accent material of parties, weddings, and general home decor since 2011 at least, is easily one of the most identifiably trendy fabrics in the Western world at the time. Perhaps it’s time to swap it out for something less popular, like a crocheted item, a bamboo runner, or an elegant piece of raw silk?

Chalkboard everything. There is a time and a place for chalk art — like this gorgeous mural in our San Francisco office, or when bars are super-clever with their menus and signs– but the excessive use of chalkboard paint is nearing its demise. Eager DIYers are putting chalkboards on everything, even things that really do not make sense, like tote bags and notebooks, which will definitely smudge all over everything you own.

Monograms. The opposite of the eco-chic burlap trend, the preppy-inspired inclination to monogram literally everything has been strong for the last few years and certainly hit its peak in the summer of 2014. Companies that professionally apply monograms to items are champing at the bit to keep the buzz going, but in the new year, it’s likely that those skilled in embroidery will be tired of initialing everything under the sun.

2014 DIY trends
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Mason jars. Drinking out of jars was once the purview of suburban children who’d clamored for the Welch’s jam flavors with cartoon characters on the side. Now, every bar, restaurant, catering company, and home kitchen is stocked with enough Ball jars to put up an eternity of pickled peppers. Sure, these jars are functional (and inexpensive) as heck, but they’re rapidly losing their fashionable edge. Switch it up with other vintage glasses or vessels — including vases, bell jars, or old lanterns. Just as affordable and way more interesting, these unique pieces will set apart your decor, and leave your jars for canning and other purposes.

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