DIY Wedding Trends You Will See At Every Wedding This Year

wedding DIY ideas 2015
Trunks, paper flowers, antlers — all of these are going to be big this year. Image via Flickr.

Wedding trends are fascinating; flipping through Pinterest, it’s easy to get an idea of which looks and styles are the fastest emerging, and which have already achieved full-on ubiquity. If you’re a crafter person, you’re in luck — handmade, DIY wedding decor has been right on trend for the past several years, and 2015 is shaping up to be no different. That said, there are definitely a few new directions that that style will be taking this year, and a few of last year’s looks that will be even more popular.

Though you’ll still definitely see plenty of burlap and lace combos and the occasional chalkboard sign, many of the wedding trends that have flooded Etsy and Pinterest in the last three years are finally ebbing, leaving room for new must-haves.

wedding trends 2015
Image via Flickr

Terrariums. Succulents are clearly having a major moment, and just about every trendy household has at least one that’s housed in a little glass orb. Instead of centerpieces made of cut flowers, you can be sure that these delicate bits of greenery will be majorly popular at this summer’s weddings.

DIY wedding trends 2015Anything with copper. Step aside, mason jars. Copper mugs have been gaining popularity, thanks to a renewed interest in homemade/craft ginger beer and the oh-so-delicious cocktail that’s made with it, the Moscow Mule. Expect to see floral arrangements, silverware, and possibly even place-markers that put these old-timey vessels to use.

Travel-themed pieces. Maps, luggage tags, and suitcases began popping up last year, but they’ll likely peak in full this summer. To put this PanAm-esque trend to use, create a receptacle for gift-cards out of an old piece of luggage, utilize inexpensive tags to label tables or meal preference RSVPs, or create DIY save-the-dates from vintage postcards.

Wonderful watercolors. Last year’s weddings were all about pretty pinks and other pale shades, but this year, look for much richer jewel tones, particularly on the paper products. Pretty watercolor (especially ombre!) invitations and even flowers (because paper flowers will be a staple) will be everywhere — in part because they’re lovely, and in part because they’re a pretty great craft for makers of all skill-levels. Here are a few examples.

wedding DIYs 2015
Burlap and lace and mason jars were huge last year, but this raw wood is right on trend for 2015. Image via Flickr.

Raw wood. Light in color and easy to work with, birch wood has been a DIY favorite for years. But as DIY brides move away from the rural, barn aesthetic and toward rustic, woodsier looks (see also: antlers on everything, plaid accents, etc.), raw wooden coasters, candle-holders, and centerpieces — especially in birch, but almost any light-ish wood will do — are going to get more and more prevalent.

Chandeliers. Solo hanging lights (again with the jars) are on their way out — now, modern brides are getting chandelier fever. Paper and silk flowers, beads, and even feathers are inexpensive ways to liven up lighting accents, while also softening the sometimes very-bright glare of those twinkly white lights everyone was using last summer.

Here’s a DIY that could easily have a light safely attached, and you can even use old string-lights to create the look.

Copper mug photo via Flickr

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