Do You Want To Be At The Creative Helm Of This Blog?

Photo by Eric Krebs

This blog can be yours! Our growing startup is garnering millions of page views a year and we’re looking for a passionate content marketer to take the wheel.

We’re passionate about revolutionizing online education. We believe that in the future, every job will require more creative solutions in all capacities. And, the data shows that this isn’t a passing trend. CEOs regularly site creativity as one of the most pressing needs in their organization. Creativity is indeed the new literacy.

We started 5 years ago with the goal of making photography education accessible across the world. Across this time, we’ve built a community of over 1 million students and over 1 billion hours of educational content created. Members of our community have built real and life-changing careers based on a CreativeLive education. We’re focused on a prompting a positive change to the world of creative education.

To get to next stage of our company, we need a content marketing rock star. Someone who is fully comfortable in both the marketing department and as an editor at a newspaper or kick-ass blog. We’re not interested in writing fluff pieces; we’re interested in finding authentic ways to add value to our growing community. Want to write a 10,000 word post on what it means to be a freelancer in the new economy? Go for it.

You’re probably going to have an uncomfortable amount of curiosity and passion for creating amazing content. Whether that’s long form editorial content, video pieces, anything. You’ve seen this. And this. And this. And you know someone that worked on this.

This blog has a dedicated readership. You’re here because of that and because making a change in the creative community through compelling content and impactful information moves you. If this sounds interesting, come join us.

Megan Zengerle

Megan Zengerle is CreativeLive's VP of people and ops. She's a tireless opportunist, eternal optimist, start-up grower, risk taker, coffee lover, and (BMX) mom.