Drone Captures Incredible Norwegian Landscape… Before Crashing Into A Mountain

The Telegraph has released some pretty awesome footage of a drone capturing an insanely beautiful Norwegian snow-capped mountain-scape, moments before it crashes face-first into the side of the mountain.

The most amusing part? Just when you think it’s about to be recovered and have a happy ending, it crashes again.

The use of drones have become more and more prevalent in recent years, and with it ample opportunities to see footage of “drone fails” – drones crashing and burning, or in some cases even being hunted by large birds of prey. Videos like this can be the source of endless entertainment (unless you are the operator of course).

The vast majority of the time though, drone crashes are not due to technical problems caused by the drone itself. Most of the time, drone crashes are due to user error.

Learn How to Fly A Drone – The Right Way

There is good news though for all you aspiring drone operators, photographers, and videographers out there. CreativeLive is having a class on How to Fly a Drone for Aerial Photos and Video with an actual professional drone pilot, Blayne Chastain.

Blayne is a filmmaker, musician & entrepreneur and has been flying remote controlled (RC) airplanes for as long as he can remember and holds 9 national titles in RC soaring. His professional work with drones began when he co-founded Cloudgate, a film production company specializing in cinematic aerials with filmmakers Jem Moore and Philip Van Drunen. He knows what he’s doing, and we’re excited to be able to have him on our program.

If you own a drone but want to be able to fly it better and capture more stable, quality footage, watch this course.

If you are considering getting your first drone but are unsure of your ability to pilot it, watch this course.

Update: We were successfully able to broadcast the first 30 minutes of this course on Facebook Live! Check it out:

Learn How to Fly a Drone and Capture Stunning Aerial Images with Blayne Chastain

It will be broadcasted from San Francisco on October 27th-28th, 2016, and is free to watch while live, so RSVP now to make sure you get an email reminder when it’s about to start.




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