Easter DIY Craft Projects: Baskets, Eggs, and Bunny Cakes


We’ll take just about any excuse to get our craft on — and the spring holidays are no exception. Luckily, two of our favorite Maker & Craft instructors have some great DIY Easter craft ideas! Because, of course they do.

Piñata Eggs: San Francisco-based craft blogger Tiffanie Turner is no stranger to using natural elements in her crafts; back in December, she showed the CreativeLive audience how to turn blown eggs into a pretty holiday ornaments. Now that it’s spring, she’s putting the eggs to a more traditional (kind of) use by making these colorful, hanging baubles that are perfect for decorating your big spring fling. Check out the tutorial on A Subtle Revelry.

Bunny Cakes: Looking for something a little more traditional? Try Tiffanie’s cute, classic bunny cake. This is an easy one for little hands to help out with, and allows for a lot of variation to match the taste of the maker (or the eater). The how-to is on corner blog.

A Living Easter Basket: We’re so excited for art appraiser and generally crafty guy Robert Mahar to join us this summer to share his amazing paper crafts, but in the meantime, here’s a super-cool twist on the traditional Easter basket: A plant-based one that will grow for long after the holiday is over! You can get the full tutorial on his Tumblr. Robert’s YouTube channel is also full of cool Easter craft ideas.

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