Six Easy, Last-Minute 4th of July Craft Projects

4th of july crafts

Not only is the 4th of July a fine time to reflect on America’s heritage, it also offers us workaday folks   the sheer, unbridled joy of a long weekend.

For us makers, that extra day off is prime time for crafting. And the forthcoming 4th of July holiday is the perfect excuse to spend a few hours whipping up some red, white, and blue projects.

Whether you’re entertaining or just bringing something special for the host, these last-minute 4th of July crafts will help you show up prepared, even if you’ve only got a couple days left.


The easiest, cutest way to decorate for a backyard party, bunting is a great way to practice your sewing skills — plus, you can use any old red, white, and blue scraps you have lying around. Power-clashing is the name of the game.

A banner:

If you have a big place, or you just really like hanging decorations, you can double up with bunting AND a banner. Or just opt for this cool 3D banner.


Ok, so fruity pops aren’t decorative, but they are so cute and easy — you just pop them in the freezer and let it do the work while you do other things.

A wreath:

Attention, yarn-crafters: This is the project for you! Perfect for those who love knitting but can’t stand the idea of making a sweater in July, this soft, cute wreath makes a great gift of decoration for your party.

Some paper flowers:

Paper crafting is great for a few reasons: First, it’s inexpensive. Second, it requires materials you probably already have, or can easily acquire. Plus, this is a great hands-on craft activity for younger crafters — consider saving this one for during the party.

Snack skewers:

Get your snack on with these adorable fruit skewers, which will get little ones eating healthy snacks, and also look beautiful on a picnic table.

And of course, cake.

4th of july crafts
We have a cake tutorial. Did you know we have a cake tutorial? Make this surprise cake!

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