How To Edit Vocal Pitch And Timing in Melodyne

melodyne pitch correction

Although most people refer to vocal pitch and timing correction as “Autotuning,” most people I know actually use Celemony’s Melodyne to do the job. It’s an incredibly powerful tool, but to get the best results out of it (read: vocals that don’t sound like a plastic robot), you’ll need some tips on getting the basics right.

In his CreativeLive class Recording Rock Vocals, producer Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, The Ghost Inside, The Word Alive) covers his favorite methods for using Melodyne to edit vocal pitch and timing without sounding fake. As with most things in music production, the devil is in the details. Check out the below video to learn how Melodyne can correct pitch and timing (on both the entire track and individual notes), how to avoid common mistakes that lead to the overedited “robot” sound, and how to deal with some of Melodyne’s unique quirks.

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