Etsy Selling Tips: How to Increase Traffic and Make More Sales

Etsy Selling Tips: How to Increase Traffic and Make More Sales

It’s time to cure the scramble and reconsider your expectations of Etsy. It is an exceptional tool, figuratively the best shovel money can buy. But don’t get it twisted; it’s little more than a host for your online storefront.

You wouldn’t expect WordPress to send you thousands of readers, nor should you expect Etsy to bring you thousands of sales.

Furthermore, this isn’t about GETTING sales or GAINING traffic. That terminology creates unrealistic expectations and demands instant gratification.

You don’t GET sales; you MAKE them. You don’t GAIN traffic; you EARN it.

You might make a phenomenal product. But by not marketing it effectively, you’re not doing it proper justice. A winning marketing campaign is all that’s missing in 95% of Etsy sellers’ business models, and look how much it’s costing them.

Create a Marketing Calendar

Learn how to create a marketing calendar that will help grow your Etsy business.

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We often start our businesses flying by the seat of our pants, but relying on that day-by-day business strategy will keep you growing in whatever direction you’re feeling that day. Instead, you want your daily activities to lead towards your ultimate dream destination, which takes planning, discipline, and a long-term strategy for success.

1. Looking at the coming twelve months, take note of where you’ll need time off: summer vacation, the winter holidays, etc. Use that knowledge to hone in on where you’ll have the energy to invest in big moves.

2. On a page of your giant drawing pad, divide the coming twelve months into four columns.

Easy peasy! Now you’re ready to do some create a marketing calendar! Success doesn’t just happen to people – you need a deliberate plan and actions you can take to achieve it!

Imagine building your dream house without blueprints – you show up every day and let the bricks fall where they may. Do you think you would be perfectly content with the end-result after years of free-form building? No way! A marketing calendar is your blueprint for creative business success.

Your Marketing Calendar Includes:
Sales and promotions
Social media updates
Blog posts
Projects and goals
Time off

Think of any income-generating new projects that have been stewing on the back-burner in your business. This year’s as good as any to go for them. Why don’t you plug some deadlines onto your calendar to make sure they become a priority, because growth is critical to a small business’ success. After you’ve assigned a deadline for that project, go through and list anything that must be completed in advance to ensure you achieve that goal.

Understanding where big projects will dominate your time will help you better plan the coming year. It ensures that you’re marketing less when your focus is required elsewhere for the business’ growth.

Developing and deploying a marketing strategy will bring new customers to your Etsy shop, ensuring you earn more traffic and make more sales.

If you want to learn more about Turning Your Etsy Shop into a Sales Machine, be sure to check out my complete class.

‘Tis the season. Gift the creative in your life something special – check out our curated holiday gifts

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