The Fader, Ep. 1: The Weather’s Jordan Butcher And Mychal Cohen

the weather band interview

Welcome to the first episode of the Fader, where I get a chance to have a conversation with producers, engineers, musicians, or pretty much anyone doing something cool in the studio or on stage. To kick off the podcast, we’re starting with an interview with Seattle band The Weather.

Jordan Butcher (drums) and Mychal Cohen (vocals/guitar) talk about how they approached their newest record and heading to Norman, Oklahoman, to work with Chad Copelin and Jarod Evans of Blackwatch Studios. We talk about setting expectations with producers, managing time and process with your band, choosing a mixing and mastering engineer and even a cool trick or two (like a secret, untuned snare drum from Cat Power).

The Weather’s new single, 1983, is definitely worth a listen. And be sure to check out upcoming tour dates on or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Zach Varnell

Zach began recording in his parents basement in Denver with a two track reel-to-reel and a mixer from radioshack. In the summer of 2014, Zach went back to education, working with CreativeLive as a content producer for the audio channel.