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Susan Stripling

Award-winning wedding photographer Susan Stripling answers your questions about her upcoming mentorship program.

What happens when I have a wedding during one of the for live broadcasts? How will my specific issues get met?
The live broadcasts take place on Mondays in hopes to avoid exactly that.  But if you still can’t attend the live broadcast, Susan will have “office hours” where she’ll be answering questions through the private facebook group, so you can connect more there!

How will Susan structure the budget to suit different regions as I am not based on America?
I can’t speak to this specifically, but most of her discussion around budget are related to the general principals of pricing/cost and the market your working within.  So, I don’t plan on it being region specific, but that would be an awesome question to ask her personally when she gets into that bit of content.

Are the marketing opportunities covered in this class only for those in the U.S.?
Overall, yes, the marketing will be from a U.S. standpoint, mainly because Susan is a U.S.-based photographer.  But, much like the budgeting, Susan will be teaching more to the principals of marketing that should widely apply to all wedding photographers.

What if I have no weddings during the course, what feedback will she give me on my work?
Use what you have, even if they’re past photos!

What are the benefits of being in Susan private Facebook group?
Aside from having access to the broadcasts and the homework, in this private group you’ll also be part of the dialogue to answer your questions and get real answers. It’s a private group because that’s what will allow for more engagement between Susan and everyone who’s opted in. Overall, it should be a lot of fun and extremely educational, so if you find value you in it, come join!

How will Susan adjust for 500 person giving feedback and input?
There’s a lot of methods to connect, wether through the homework and worksheets that you can fill out and send in for review, the facebook groups with Susan’s “open office hours” to ask questions and receive answers, or the actual broadcasts where you can connect with Susan and other students as part of the program, there’s plenty of opportunities to learn and engage.

Is Susan’s advice applicable to all kinds of photographic styles?
Awesome question!  Everyone has their own style, even if they’re mirroring it off someone else’s work, I know that Susan has a strong understanding of that because she worked hard to develop her own style.  I can say from experience, as being part of Susan’s previous course, that she doesn’t push her students to shoot exactly like her but more so encourages people to develop the style they like while applying the basic principals that are the building blocks for making an excellent wedding photograph.  That said, these principals aren’t just about composition and style, but expand deeper into the roots that make you a wedding photographer!

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