Felix Kunze’s 5 Studio Lighting Gear Must-Haves

Felix studio lighting picksStudio lighting can be intimidating — so much so that even renowned photographers like Sue Bryce admit to not fully understanding the complexity of it. Fortunately, editorial and commercial photographer Felix Kunze has a knack for making it look easy. But even Felix can’t do it without the help of some handy tools.

Here’s the gear Felix couldn’t do without:

1. SkyLite Rapid 2mx2m diffusion scrim with 1.25 stop silk: “It might sound funny to put such a technical item at the top of my list, but this thing really is a godsend for me,” says Felix, “I travel with it everywhere.” A solid scrim is any studio photographer’s best friend — but if you can’t afford a fancy one, there are plenty of workarounds, including this DIY scrim that Kevin Kubota put together for under $30.

2. Alienskin Exposure 6 – “I’ve used this software so much, I just love it,” Felix explains. Alienskin has made multiple CreativeLive appearances, including in Felix’s lighting challenge with Sue.

3. Profoto Pro Acute B 600 – “I use this light everywhere I go,” says Felix. “So versatile, light enough to travel, and high-end enough for all my clients. It’s perfect!”

4. Nikon D800 – Felix calls this camera his “workhorse.” “I treat it badly, it gets bashed around, but it always does its job.”

5. Sekonic L-358 Flash Meter –  Though many studio photographers opt not to, Felix says he just can’t do without a light meter. “Despite my best efforts, I can’t help but use a meter,” he explains, “It adds a level of certainty to what I do with lighting. If you use more than one light, use a light meter! Mine has the Pocketwizard trigger built in, it works with my lights.”

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