11 Instagram Accounts for Food Photography Lovers

Though it’s a bit of an over-played trope now that Instagram is only good for pictures of brunch, the truth is, the photo-sharing app’s ubiquity has given food photography a pretty big boost. Coupled with dramatic improvements being made to cell phone cameras (hello, iPhone) and the ability to upload and share from anywhere, food photography has never been more accessible — and inspirational.

Here are just a handful of chefs, writers, food stylists, and everyday folks who are upping the Instagram food photography game in a big way.

If you love both food and corgis (because you’re a human being, so of course you do), you’ll be delighted by Adrianna Adarme, i.e. A Cozy Kitchen. Look for pancakes, homemade donuts, beautiful, sunshiney landscapes…and yes, corgis.

New York Times dining photographer and CreativeLive instructor Andrew Scrivani doesn’t photograph just food — he also takes photos of his beautiful life in New York that will make you just a hair envious. Oh, and he also includes a lot of pictures of gorgeous drinks, which will remind you that it’s cocktail hour somewhere.

Diane Cu is half of the blogging, cookbook-writing, amazing-food-photographing White on Rice Couple, and her photos are just the tip of the pair’s incredible iceberg of food photography resources. Check out their website, and their upcoming course, Story on a Plate.

London travel/food photographer Sarka Babika leads, at least from the appearance of her Instagram, a pretty dreamy life, full of interesting locations and beautiful brunches. Follow along with her blog, Cook Your Dream.

When a food stylist and a photographer make friends, everybody wins. Spoon Fork Bacon is the joint Instagram account and blog of Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park, who not only take a casual, cool approach to food (and food photography), they also supply tons of recipes on their blog.

It’s hard to believe that Molly Wizenberg began her blog, Orangette, ten years ago, but it’s true. Now an author twice over and a hugely successful restauranteur in Seattle, she mostly photographs her adorable daughter, though the occasion leeks, cakes, and cocktails make it in, too.

Range executive pastry chef Colin Kull lets his background in film photography show on his dessert-laden Instagram feed. Look for luscious inventions of the after-dinner variety, as well as the occasional shot of his attractive friends and their adorable life in San Francisco.

Gluten-free waaaay before it was the thing to be, Shauna Ahern is another legacy food blogger from the Pacific Northwest who’s easily made the transition to must-follow Instagrammer.

Ashley Rodriguez‘s Not Without Salt blog is a must-read for food-lovers, and her Instagram is much the same. All-iPhone, all the time, this feed is a testament to what can be done with the camera in your pocket.

Marcus Nilson is a little cheekier than the average food photographer, which is a refreshing change. He also has a truly heroic beard.

Color-lovers will find Julie Lee‘s food collages a feast for the eyes. These photos take time… and it shows.

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