We Made This For You | Free Downloadable Posters

free downloadable poster design

At CreativeLive, we believe that creativity is more than just a way of thinking — it’s a gift that you share with those around you. And we’re so honored that our audience chooses to share their creativity with us, every single day, whether it’s online or here in our studios. This year, we decided to give something back, so we had members from our very-talented team of employees and instructors put their creativity to work to make a gift to share.

Our Head of Design Education Lara McCormick has great taste. Everyone in the office knows it. She’s also a really talented designer who even wrote a book on lettering and type. So, to help you start the new year off on the right foot, we asked her design a series of free downloadable posters that will encourage you to grab life by the collar and get things done, just like she inspires us to do every day at CreativeLive.


These cute prints come in a variety of colors and designs — and they’re all yours to print and frame. And don’t forget to check out our other holiday downloadables, like this DIY mistletoe or this excellent track made by another one of our CL staffers.

Happy holidays and a great new year, from all of us at Creative Live.


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