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At CreativeLive, we believe that creativity is more than just a way of thinking — it’s a gift that you share with those around you. And we’re so honored that our audience chooses to share their creativity with us, every single day, whether it’s online or here in our studios. This year, we decided to give something back, so we had members from our very-talented team of employees and instructors put their creativity to work to make a gift to share.

For quite some time, the staff and instructors at CreativeLive have been dying to put all of our combined skill, knowledge, and experience into one place. We wanted it to be educational, easy to access, and inclusive. Finally, we decided on an ebook. Called Creative Turnaround: Advice & Inspiration for Artists + Artisans 2015, this is our final gift to you this year.

Edited by Head of Business and Health Education David Moldawer, who has edited a number of bestselling titles, including Making Ideas Happen, Referral Engine, The Accidental Creative, and The Personal MBA, the ebook features a cover design from our Head of Design Education, Lara McCormick, an essay from host Kenna Klosterman, and an introduction from CEO Chase Jarvis.

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Inside, you’ll find:

—Tara Gentile: The Creative’s Guide to Quiet Power Strategy
—Michael Port: Play with People Who Have Your Back
—Vanessa Van Edwards: Hi, I’m Vanessa, and I’m a Recovering Controlaholic
—Ann Rea: What is Your Purpose As An Artist?
—Sue B. Zimmerman: My Entrepreneurial Journey
—Jonathan Bailor: Becoming SANE
—Ramit Sethi: How to reach your goals with brutal honesty and the Tripod of Stability


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