Get Your Landscape Photo Edited By a Professional Photographer



I’m going to have my landscape image edited by professional photographer, Matt Kloskowski.

He is going to do it live, for free, and he is going to describe every step of the process.

That’s pretty damn cool. And the best part, you can too.

As part of his upcoming live course, Landscape Photography: Start to Finish, Matt is going to have a segment where he will be editing student-submitted RAW files in both Lightroom and Photoshop. The course airs Thursday, July 7-8th.


All CreativeLive courses are free to watch while live, and this course is going to be extremely helpful for anyone remotely interested in photographing the natural world.

For the most part, I would consider myself to be pretty good at editing my photos in Lightroom, but I still know how valuable this idea is. Though I have my own unique style and approach for post-processing, I am very much looking forward to seeing how Matt will approach editing my RAW image. Even if you are an experienced photographer, the chance to have a fellow pro help you get the most out of your image, is a really cool opportunity.

Anyone who shoots in RAW knows this simple fact: all images have to be edited edited. If you are shooting in JPEG, your camera is editing the photo for you. It is making certain editing choices at the time that you press the shutter, and delivering you a processed image.

The purpose of a taking a RAW exposure, is to capture as much data as possible from the scene. We do this, knowing full-well that these files will require post-processing. This can be exciting, or it can be daunting. Either way, doing it properly can really make the difference between an OK photo, and a GREAT photo.

With that in mind, I highly encourage you to submit your favorite RAW file, for a chance to have your landscape image edited by a pro.

How This Works

Simply send the photo as an attachment in an email to:

The file has to be in RAW format. (.NEF for Nikon .CRW for Canon, etc.)

We’ll send you a form saying that you agree to have your photo displayed on our live broadcast. Don’t worry, you still own the rights to your photo!

Then sign up for the free course in order to see if you get to watch your image be edited live.

That’s it!

What Makes This Course Different?

Unlike the rest of our (admittedly amazing) landscape photography courses, this course is much more focused on the entire process of taking a compelling landscape photograph, from start to finish. It includes everything from the gear and preparation, to shooting on location, and post-processing your final images. It will even go into some of the ways that you can make money from your photographs.

I would say that this course is much more geared for beginners, but as an experienced landscape photographer, I know that there is a mountain of useful information that I will be able to get from the course as well.

Landscape Photography: Start to Finish with Matt Kloskowski goes live on Thursday, July 7th-8th. By clicking RSVP, you are signing up for free. You will receive an email reminder when it’s time to view the course.

I’ll be there in this course, and I look forward to seeing you as well.






Justin Katz

Content Marketer at CreativeLive, and outdoor and landscape photographer. I work with great people to create awesome photography content and education.