7 Perks Of Freelancing During The Holiday Season

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Self-employed people and freelancers know: The holiday season is both a blessing and a curse. With no real PTO, the dreaded approach of tax season, and, often, clients who don’t really care if you have to work through the weekend or holiday if it means the work gets done, this time of cheer and joy can actually turn into an exercise in white-knuckled will-power. But there are also some real baked-in benefits to freelancing or owning your own business during the holiday bustle.

Your schedule is your own. If you play your cards right (and have banked enough in savings during the rest of the year), you can take a slow month wherein you leisurely get to enjoy the holidays — while others hurry to get everything done and carve out time for family and friends.

Snow days are no problem. Inclement weather? Not really a concern when you already work from home. You’ll never be stuck in hair-pulling traffic after just a few flakes of snow, because, let’s be honest, you’re not leaving the house anyway.

The joys of off-peak shopping. Leave the Saturday mall crowds to everyone who works regular hours; as you’re sailing through the lines at your local department store on a Tuesday at noon, you’re once again reminded how great it is to work for yourself.

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Your office is anywhere. While other travelers are burning through valuable paid time off, you’re setting up shop in the airport, tucked in for a long day of productivity/waiting to hear if your flight is going to be rescheduled. Sure, traveling is still stressful — but knowing that you can work and get around at the same time is pretty swell.

Holiday deals = next year’s savings. No need to feel guilty investing in new technology or other equipment when it goes on super-sale — you’re keenly aware that you’ll be able to write off that new laptop you got at a Black Friday steal on your 2015 taxes.

You’re actually home to greet the UPS guy. Stolen packages are a real problem during the holiday season, but if you’re already home in your sweats puttin’ in work, you”ll never miss a package.

Your friends make the best gifts. If you’re a crafter, designer, photographer, or even writer, you’re probably super tapped in on the coolest new stuff — which makes you the reigning chief of gift-giving. Plus, you’ve been known to barter some of your own wares to make the holidays extra affordable and fun.

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