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Have a creative entrepreneur on your list? With as many as half of American taxpayers braving the entrepreneurial economy, there’s a darn good chance you do.

And what do creative entrepreneurs want in their stockings? That’s easy: they love getting gifts created by other creatives. These gifts are unique, well-made, and often designed with a particular market in mind — something mass-produced gifts just can’t match.

I’ve included a list of great gifts for creative entrepreneurs below. But one caveat first: Think fun, not business, when buying for your favorite creative entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs get to deduct items they purchase for their businesses as expenses when it comes to their taxes. So even if you really want to get your entrepreneur a fancy new business toy, think again. They probably are already budgeting for it or looking to get the year-end expense in themselves. Instead, consider gifts they can’t take as expenses and probably wouldn’t buy for themselves.

Without further adieu, here’s my gift guide:

Entrepreneurs want to make a statement.

Scarf by  Amber Kane.
Scarf by Amber Kane.

Client meetings, networking events, and presentations on her calendar? You can be sure she wants to look good. It’s not enough to don a great suit anymore. Entrepreneurs need accessories that help them tell their stories. Consider the little details of your giftee’s personality and find easy-to-wear accessories that accentuate them.

Annie necklace by Megan Auman $92
License plate belt buckle by Randitan $46
One-of-a-kind scarf from Amber Kane $210

Entrepreneurs are constantly on the go.

Canvas backpack by BagyBags.
Canvas backpack by BagyBags.

Travel is an important part of life for many creative entrepreneurs. Whether they’re off to a trade show or flying to an industry conference, stylish, smart travel options make all the difference in their quality of life. Pick travel aides that also act as conversation starters to make the trip even more productive.

Illustrated Holga lunch bag by girls can tell $16
Grey canvas and leather backpack by BagyBags $95.70

Entrepreneurs need to relax.

Founding, running, and growing a business is a lot of hard work. Relaxation is a necessity and it can be difficult for entrepreneurs to invest their time and energy in relaxing activities. Give them a hand with a gift certificate for a body treatment or the gift of exercise.

Massage, acupuncture, or energy work from a local independent professional.

30 Days of Yoga from Marianne Elliott $175

Gem Lamp from Worleys Lighting.
Gem Lamp from Worleys Lighting.

Entrepreneurs want to work in style.

When entrepreneurs aren’t out traveling or mixing it up with colleagues and clients, they’re at their desks. And while this particular suggestion might go against the business expense rule, it’s likely that your entrepreneurial friends haven’t invested much in making their home offices a little homier.

Walnut Table Lamp by WorleysLighting $250
Nature photography calendar by Sweet Eventide $25

Entrepreneurs love to learn & grow.

With the success of their businesses riding on their shoulders, entrepreneurs do a lot of personal development work. They need to be strong to keep the business strong. The gift of growth is one that keeps on giving. Bonus: entrepreneurs love audio books!

The Desire Map Experience (audio) by Danielle LaPorte $50
Maximize Your Potential from 99u $8.72

Fleur de Sel caramel sauce on Etsy.
Fleur de Sel caramel sauce on Etsy.

Entrepreneurs need to celebrate.

Lots of us (perhaps entrepreneurs especially), spend more time counting our losses than tracking our wins. Gift giving is a great time to remind your favorite entrepreneur how much he has to celebrate.

VIP Crown from Project 8 Point $75
Fleur de Sel Small Batch Caramel Sauce by The Caramel Jar $13
50 Ways to Say You’re Awesome by Alexandra Franzen $10.22

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