Gluten Free Girl Shauna Ahern on Food Blogging and Seeing the Light

Photo by Kate Hailey on Instagram

Food blogger, cookbook author, and all-around luminous person Shauna Ahern joined Andrew Scrivani today for Day 2 of his food photography workshop. During the 90-minute segment, Andrew and Shauna (Gluten Free Girl) chatted about inspiration, creative process, and the unmatched storytelling power of photography.

Andrew and Shauna began by flipping through a few photos she posted on her blog over 8 years ago. “When you look at my early photographs, it was so much about the thing,” Shauna explained. “Now, it’s so much more about the story.” In fact, the story of the photo is now what drives her writing, Shauna revealed, surprising even her longtime friend Andrew.

It took her 2-3 years of blogging to really get settled into her writing voice, Shauna explained. Over the past few years, something shifted in Shauna’s way of seeing the world through her camera lens: she started focusing on light. “When you stop taking pictures of things and start taking pictures of light, everything changes.”

“You’ve become more of a photographer than you think you have,” Andrew proudly told Shauna.

Watch the clip below:



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