Graphic Design Tip: How to Create a Coffee Cup

Experimenting with simple designs can be a great way to develop your skills and nurture your creativity. Using Jason Hoppe’s graphic design tips and following this simple guide to making a coffee cup is a quick way to advance your Adobe Illustrator skills and play with shapes.

Coffee cups offer the perfect touch of coziness. You can use the graphic design tips in this guide when it is time to design a logo, create invites for your next brunch, or add a bit of warmth to your latest book cover. With winter on the horizon and holidays just around the corner, this cute coffee cup (with foam!) will certainly come in handy.


Graphic Design Tip: How to Create a Coffee Cup from Jason Hoppe and CreativeLive.

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Give it a try, perhaps add your own flare, and let us know how your cup of joe turns out. Also, be sure to check out Jason Hoppe’s Illustrator series courses.

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