This is What Happens When You Multi-track 11 MIDI Instruments Simultaneously

When you put a talented DJ/music producer like in a studio with a few extra hands, beautiful things can happen. Add in 11 MIDIs strung together and the result could flat-out crazy. That’s exactly what the team over at Moog Sound Lab put together.

Every part of the song recorded in the video below was triggered and recorded in real-time with the exception of  the kick & snare drum, which were a back track. Enjoy:

Official Gear List:

1 X Moog Sub 37
3 X Minimoog Voyager Rackmount Edition
1 X DJ TechTools Midi Fighter Spectra
2 X Minimoog Voyager
1 X Minimoog Voyager XL
1 X Moog Sub Phatty
1 X KORG Volca Keys
1 X KORG Volca Beats
1 X MakeNoise Shared System

Source: Moog

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