Healthy Holiday Dieting Tips from Nutrition Expert Jonathan Bailor

Photo: Andrew Scrivani.

If we could get personal advice from any nutrition expert it would most definitely be Jonathan Bailor. As most of us who inhaled an entire pecan pie on Thanksgiving know, the holidays are a bad time for dieters. It’s impossible to resist the siren call of gravy, and don’t even get us started on stuffing. However, Jonathan’s tips for healthy and practical eating even apply to the holidays! Jonathan Bailor Headshot

Jonathan is a dieting-phobe’s best friend. He’s not going to tell you to starve yourself or obsessively hit the gym to lose weight. Instead, he champions a surprisingly simple approach to food that will leave you satisfied and energized: Eat more, exercise less, lose weight, and live better.

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By the way, the holidays are actually a great excuse to eat a balanced meal. Turkey is a lean protein, and if you pair it with classic veggies like brussel sprouts, carrots, and sweet potatoes, you’re actually creating a super-nutritious plate of food. Also, this is the one time of year when pumpkin pie most definitely counts as a vegetable.

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