3 Simple and Trendy Wrapping Paper Hacks to Turn Your Holiday Packages into Art

When you’re a creative, buying store-bought paper to present your holiday gifts just won’t do. It might be easy, but it doesn’t say “you.”

We get it, which is why we partnered with Robert Mahar to present three ways you can level up your wrapping game this holiday season with three simple wrapping hacks that will turn your gifts into works of art all on their own. Watch the video to learn more, and keep reading to learn more about the hacks.

Hack #1: Confetti
Want to add a bit more sparkle to your package? Try confetti! Use double sided tape and confetti of your choice to add a layer of eye candy to any sized or shaped gift.

Hack #2: Polka Dots
Plain wrapping paper and simple round stickers make for a super easy and classy way to dress your gifts.

Hack #3: Washi Tape
Who doesn’t have washi tape lying around their craft room at this point, am I right? Grab some twine and create a customized ribbon you can make with small strips of washi tape and some creativity. Check out the video to see Robert’s examples.

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Kristy Ellington

Head of content marketing and social media at Creativelive.