How to Boost Your YouTube Traffic & Subscribers

It’s great if you’re already producing YouTube videos for your business, but what if nobody is watching them? That doesn’t do much for anybody.

Creating an engaging YouTube video can (and should) take a lot effort. Your viewers need to walk away with something tangible that they learned – and will help them better accomplish their goals. You’re out to build a powerful relationship and do what you can to keep them engaged with your brand moving forward.

There are countless free ways to grow your YouTube viewership and target your ideal customers.

In this video, Becki Crosby aka Whippy Cake, shares with us her top 6 tips for getting your videos in front of more viewers.

1. Keywords

Use Google’s Keyword Planner to type in a potential title that you think will be a good match for your video content. You’ll get a list of the best possible keywords with corresponding statistics including search volume and competition, to help you better decide which angle your title should take.

2. Tagging

Within your video settings under tagging, be sure to include tags related to your title and other content you talk about in your video. For example, if your video is about how to create a panorama image in Photoshop, you should certainly include tags for the terms: adobe, photoshop, panorama, editing, and photoshop panorama.

3. Linking

Linkbacks and embedding your video outside of YouTube on your blog, website, or on social media, are sure ways to drive more viewers to your content. When YouTube identifies that you’re linking back to your video outside of their platform, they reward that behavior with better search rankings on your target keywords.

4. Facebook

On Facebook, videos get 30% more interactions and are shared significantly more often than other content mediums.

5. Descriptions

Write out a description for your videos that is packed with relevant keywords, useful descriptive content about your video, and links with instructions on where they can learn more – beyond just this single video.

6. Thumbnails

Use a custom thumbnail to make sure you’re presenting yourself professionally and the way you want your brand to be perceived. Your thumbnail is the first image any viewer will see within search results or on a landing page, so make it compelling and inviting.

Take these best practices for aligning your YouTube videos with the goals you want to achieve for your business – more views, more subscribers, more leads, and eventually more sales.

Want more tips for growing your business with YouTube marketing?  Join Becki aka Whippy Cake TODAY and tomorrow (July 8-9th) for the Free Live broadcast of her class, Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing.

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