The 7 Elements Of Your Competitive Advantage

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No one is arguing with the idea that it’s noisy out there in the world of business.

Between all of the online media distractions and living an offline life (sometimes), consumers are swimming in an ocean of information and it can be really hard, as a business, to stand out – to show your competitive advantage.

But there’s some good news, which is: there is only one you.

How to Build a Stand Out Business with Tara Gentile on CreativeLive

Yes, despite all of the competition in your market and the countless service providers offering up outcomes that sound similar to yours, there is still only one unique You. That You is, as they say in marketing, is your competitive advantage.

When Tara Gentile taught about making your business fascinating, she brought to light the concept of standing out from your sea of competitors and making your unique personal appeal based on your real differentiating factor: you.

In reality, you are what makes your business distinct. Understanding what that means and how to message that uniqueness, is your ticket to creating authentic connections with the customers you hope to attract.

In order to really drill in and identify what that differentiating factor is, Tara called in a little help from Sally Hogshead’s theory of the Fascination Advantage. Sally has identified some primary communication archetypes and Tara makes them simple to understand.

The idea is that everyone’s communication style has its own unique appeal and when you know what yours is, you can use that insight to shape the way you market yourself, find prospects, and connect with clients.

Here’s the rundown:


This language is all about coming up with unconventional solutions to ordinary problems. Those who speak in Innovation surprise, delight, and solve problems in unexpected ways.


People who speak in the language of Passion make emotional connections immediately. Their gift is their ability to inspire and get people on their side, fast.


The language of Power is strong, full of opinions, and ambitious. Power people are easily seen and accepted as leaders.


You can think of the language of Prestige as being results-oriented. These are the people who don’t just tell you a story, they come with credentials and deliver results.


When someone speaks the language of Trust you know what your are going to get. This trait is all about predictability and Trust people earn deep loyalty by being reliable.


This is the language of listening and of depth. A Mystique communicator persuades through listening as much through talking.


The language of Alert is about noticing and (importantly) taking care of the details. You can count on alert people to speak the language of data and science and to use those frameworks for solving problems.

Knowing your language gives your marketing more focus and helps you emphasize your true unique advantage so your business stands out and doesn’t get wiped out by tidal wave of marketing noise.

Join Tara in Build a Stand-Out Business and learn what it takes to create a business that attracts the customers you really want to have.

How to Build a Stand Out Business with Tara Gentile on CreativeLive

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