How to Promote Customer Engagement on Youtube

Social media is a fantastic tool for engaging with your customers and providing value where they’re already spending so much of their time – in their Facebook news feeds, Twitter streams, and elsewhere online.

As you’re creating your video content, be sure to focus on presenting yourself authentically and personably. If you can come across as someone your audience will connect with, you’ve already won their attention.

With that in mind, you want to do everything you can to resist the temptation of “SELL! SELL! SELL!” messaging. Don’t forget that people connect with people, not brands or companies.

In this video, Becki Crosby aka Whippy Cake, is sharing the strategies she uses to engage with her customers and build meaningful relationships on YouTube.

1. Be Personal

People love to connect, have something in common, and acknowledge similarities with others. Don’t afraid to talk about your past mistakes and tell exciting stories.

2. Be Vulnerable

Even though it can be difficult, sharing your weaknesses and asking for feedback from your customers gets them engaged on a much deeper level. People love helping others, and most will jump at the opportunity to provide constructive feedback when they feel they’ve already gotten value from your content.

3. Be Responsive

Everyone seeks human connection. Make the extra effort to respond to a comment, mention someone directly in your videos, and shout out those who’ve given you feedback or content suggestions. Chances are, you’ll make someone’s day and they’ll be that much more likely to organically share your content with others.

4. Be Entertaining

Be goofy. Do something crazy. Share your outtakes. Kick back, laugh, and show your customers that you’re human too!

A high level of customer engagement will come as a reward for being yourself, showing you’re human, and delivering content to your audience in an exciting manner.

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