John Keatley Studio Tour

John Keatley often self-characterizes his work as a reflection of himself, rather than the individual he is photographing.

In recent years, his journey of self-discovery has brought clarity to emotions that have always been present yet were previously unknown. Anxiety. Fear. Isolation. Not being in control.

John Keatley Studio Tour

Keatley pulls the curtain back for a sneak peak of where the magic of his highly inventive and unique photography projects are realized and executed. From the growth of his business as a one man show to doing commercial photography, he shows you where he gets down to business.

Keatley looks at his career as a series of progressions, driven by his own personal interests and his ability to create. Not only to document what is in front of him, but to affect a larger mission and say something of lasting importance about that which he shoots. Now he creates with the tangible end result in mind – shooting for print vs. purely shooting the image for camera. Check out the full studio walkthrough below.

And if you’re interested in learning more directly from John himself, check out Defining Your Style or Portrait Photography: Creating and Styling Your Environment on CreativeLive.

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