Gallery: (Some Of) The Best of #KariLive with Kari Chapin

“Done is better than perfect,” was just one of the many pearls of wisdom that was dropped during Kari Chapin’s CreativeLive class, Start a Handmade Business — but there were so, so many more.

From insightful quotes to the handmade goods our community has been inspired to make, we’ve been thoroughly enjoying the artistry and ingenuity of this audience…so we wanted to highlight them here.

Here are just some of the incredible photos that the crafters and makers in our global audience have been sharing:

If you missed Kari Chapin’s class, you can catch the rebroadcast, June 5-7. You can also add it to your Wishlist to be alerted when it will be rebroadcast again, or purchase the class to be able to watch it any time. You can also check out the gallery of student work, which is full of even more inspiration from fellow students and community members.

And if you’re interested in learning how to use Instagram for your small business, Sue Zimmerman is coming June 9-11 to share exactly that. You can RSVP for that class here.

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