6 Last-Minute Mother’s Day DIYs That Are Actually Cool

When you were a kid, your mom probably didn’t mind too much that every handmade gift was composed of popsicle sticks and cotton balls stuck to a piece of construction paper. Why? Because it was cute and she loves you. But now, you’re an adult and let’s be honest, a lavender sachet made of old socks, while a good way to practice your sewing skills, just doesn’t quite make up for the fact that she gave birth to you and then raised you.

Never fear, though. Even with just a few days to spare, if you can make it to a craft or hardware store (or even a drugstore in some cases), you can make one of these actually-very-cool, doesn’t-look-like-you-almost-forgot Mother’s Day DIYs in an afternoon.

A beautiful wire “Love” necklace

This looks so much harder than it actually is. She probably won’t even know that it’s basically made out of an old paperclip.

An indoor herb garden

Give your mom the gift that keeps on giving: Herbs! These beautiful mounted potted plants take almost no time and provide your dear mother with delicious, fresh spices for the kitchen.

A hanging glass terrarium

What’s that? Your mother kills every plant that comes into her home? That’s totally fine — CreativeLive instructor Robert Mahar has a perfect beautiful, decorative, super-trendy solution. Terrariums are super-hot right now and, because all of the stuff on the inside is decorative, you’ve got a great opportunity to really customize these pieces with things that will remind your mom how much you love her.

A DIY Makeup Brush Travel Case

If your mom really isn’t into the home decor thing, maybe she’d prefer a cute, easy way to pack her makeup brushes (or paintbrushes, or any kind of brushes) around with her. The fine folks at Birchbox made this slightly next-level DIY that requires a little bit of extra effort, but the end result is so worth it.

A Mason jar lamp

Ok, so Mason jars have obviously had a real moment but let’s be honest, a cute light that’s durable enough for the outdoors is still a totally appropriate gift, especially as summer approaches.

A jewelry tree

Want something a little fresher than a Mason jar? You can’t get any more on trend than something made with branches. This stylish jewelry tree requires little more than a jar and an old branch, but will look very snappy on Mom’s dresser. Plus, no more tangled necklaces!

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