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Pop-quiz: How inspirational is your desktop wallpaper? Here’s a hint: If you’re still using the default images your computer came with, the answer most likely ranges from “somewhat” to “not even at all.” Wouldn’t you like to change that?

We are thrilled to announce that we will be offering a monthly desktop wallpaper, free for you to download. Designed by the talented Martina Flor, this month’s wallpaper celebrates our Hand Lettering School (which starts today!) and gives some love to one of our favorite topics, lettering.

Below, Martina explains her process and shares a video documenting how she designed this month’s wallpaper. Enjoy!

My creative process always starts on paper. I begin by doing very small sketches where I test the overall composition, look, and the shapes I’ll be using for my piece.

When I do commercial work, I usually show one option to my client: the one I consider is the right one. In this case, I was within two options that I couldn’t choose from so I decided to ask my followers on Instagram and twitter.  The answer was immediate and since they are the target group for this piece, the creative direction team at CreativeLive and I agreed on trusting these opinions. Therefore, I continued working on the most voted option.

My creative process continues on paper, this time in a bigger size and working in a more controlled way. I improve my drawing through iterations on layers of tracing paper. Nowadays the number of layers I use for a certain project depends a lot on the complexity of the piece, the number of elements I’m working with, and how acquainted I am with a certain lettering style.

After solving a fair amount of problems on paper, I move onto the digital drawing and I start plotting my points on the hand sketch laying in the background. The drawing develops on the vector drawing as well while continuing doing decisions on shapes and elements.

As a letterer my focus is set on achieving neat, well executed letter shapes and the final piece is a good marriage between these, the chosen color scheme and texture within a fitting composition.

Here are the free wallpapers–we’ve made them for a variety of different screen sizes. Just pick the perfect size for your screen and you’re on your way!






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Martina Flor is a letterer.