5 Lifehacking Gifts For Your Most Productive Friends

lifehack gift guide

Some people just aren’t content being “pretty productive.” They want to make everything faster, easier, and more streamlined. Which usually means they are impossible to buy a gift for. To help us with this very-specific problem, we asked CreativeLive instructor and Productivityist creator Mike Vardy to compile his gift guide for the lifehack-lover on your list.

Here’s what he told us:

–As shown in my CreativeLive course, Time Management 101, the NeuYear Calendar gives you a bird’s eye view of your year in horizontal or vertical fashion – and can even come in dry erase format if you want! Ideal for those who want to make sure they get all that they need to do, ought to do, and (importantly) want to do in 2015.

–For the person who loves reading but wants to get more effective reading done in less time, Blinkist is hard to beat. A subscription service that distills some of the best business books down to the barest of essentials, Blinkist is perfect for the person who wants to level up their learning in record time.

–I love it when the things I’d normally have to shop for arrive on my doorstep instead. That’s why I’m a big fan of Harry’s  which delivers top-quality shaving goods to me on a regular basis. Any lifehacking guy in your life is going to love getting razors, shaving cream, and aftershave sent to them, so this would be one of those gifts that keeps on giving – both in dollar value and in time value. (Fellow Canadians will also like SockBox  which offers monthly delivery to your door of – you guessed it – socks!)

–Most productivityists are coffee fans, and if you have someone on your list that wants to hack their coffee making, then the AeroPress is the gift for them. This tool has garnered an almost cult-like following, with various brewing methods found all across the web. (Got a tea drinker on your list? Then CogniTea is what you’ll want to send their way!)

–If you’ve got someone to buy for this holiday season who has all of the marking of a lifehacker but is lacking in the task app department, then getting them a Todoist Premium subscription is going to do them a world of good. Todoist is one of the best cross-platform task management solutions out there, and its clean user interface and robust filters enable users from all walks of life to take things to the next level…and beyond.


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