Beginner Lightroom Tip: How to Upload to Facebook

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If you’re new to photography and photo editing, you may not be quite clear on what the purpose of each piece of software might be. So let us help clarify: Lightroom is the place you go to get organized and make your images look beautiful – the easy way.

Lightroom’s presets and intuitive editing options make it the perfect tool for quick touch ups and minor image corrections. Another great benefit of Lightroom? It makes it super simple to share your new, beautifully enhanced images to social media (without ever opening a browser).

When you share directly from Lightroom you save yourself the hassle of searching for the image when its time upload and Lightroom makes it wildly easy to add a watermark so your post includes attribution. During Lightroom for Beginners, Jared Platt took students through the pre-loaded Facebook sharing feature, step-by-step:

–Select Facebook in the Publish Services menu. The first time you launch this process you’ll have to authorize your account, but you only have to do that once.
–Add a clever description. Think of this the “What’s on Your Mind” prompt you see at the top of your Timeline. The description is the text that’ll accompany your images.
–Select an album or post to your Timeline. Decide where you want the photo to be stored and select that option. Lightroom pulls in all of the albums you’ve set up in your account and gives you the option to create more.
–Add your watermark. Here’s where things get fancy. You can totally customize a watermark to select teach time or just go with a type option automatically available through Lightroom.
–Drag the image to your folder. Drag the thumbnail of everything you want to appear under the description you just set up and in the album you selected.

Still feeling sheepish? Check out the video to watch Jared work through the process:

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