Looking for Inspiration? Day Trip Your Way to Creativity

Road Trip

Nothing can be more inspiring than a week in an exotic location. But vacations cost money. If you’re one of the many people who will have to skip your vacation this year, you may be feeling depressed and burned out, especially as you watch your friends enjoy exciting trips.

But you don’t have to spend a fortune on travel and hotel rooms to get inspiration. There are likely numerous trips within a day’s drive of your home. You can hop in the car on your day off and experience adventures, then come back home and sleep in your own bed. Here are a few ways you can gain travel inspiration without venturing far from home.

Think Like a Tourist

When most people plan a vacation, we go online and learn as much as possible about our planned destination. Do the same in areas surrounding your own home. Check out the top tourist spots on sites like TripAdvisor and visit some of them. Whether the attractions are down the street or a couple of hours away, make a list of several that are close together and plan a day to visit all of them. If you can only find one or two places to visit, go anyway. You’ll likely stumble upon an interesting diner or beautiful scenery along the way that will end up being the best part of your trip.

Enjoy the Arts

Instead of focusing on touristy destinations, instead center your day trip on something artistic. There are likely museums and art galleries within a short drive of your house that you’ve never visited. One hour spent surrounded by art can be more inspiring than an entire week at the beach. As an additional bonus, you’ll be able to learn more about arts and culture in your area.

Take a Hike

What can be more inspiring than the great outdoors? Find a scenic hiking trail nearby and grab a hiking buddy for a long hike. Not only will you be able to take in nature’s beauty, but you’ll also get in a great day of physical activity. If long hikes aren’t your thing, consider a long stroll on the beach or a walk around a manmade pond at a local park. The goal is to get outside and spend time with nature.

Take in the View

Wherever you live, chances are there’s a beautiful view within a short drive of your house. Grab your laptop, sketchpad, or camera and head straight for it. Find a great spot and let the view inspire you. Whether your destination is the mountains, the beach, the lake, a waterfall, or one of many other natural attractions, you’ll likely find just being away from your usual surroundings for the day reenergizes you.

If you can’t get away for a vacation, a day trip is a great way to get a similar experience without the expense. With a little research, you’ll likely identify several interesting places within a couple of hours of your house. Once you’ve taken your first day trip, you may find yourself planning additional adventures, each of which will benefit your creativity.

Stephanie Faris

Stephanie Faris is the Simon & Schuster author of 30 Days of No Gossip, 25 Roses, and the upcoming Piper Morgan series.