Megan McIsaac: Empowering Women Through Art

Megan McIsaac can hardly remember a life before photography. At the young age of seven, this native of Southeast Michigan began playing with a camera and never looked back. Now a young professional in the bustling city of Los Angeles, Megan has made a name for herself as a self-taught, edgy portrait photographer. She’s also the founder and driving force behind the Inspired Women of LA Blog.


When did you get started in photography?

I started making photographs daily when I was 7. My grandfather was a hobby photographer and did a lot of nature work. He recognized that I was pretty lonely as a child and taught me how to use his Nikon camera. He gave me my own Polaroid camera for Christmas one year and I’ve been obsessed ever since.

How would you describe your work?

I definitely seek out different levels of consciousness in my work. I do mostly portraiture. I like to photograph people that are a little more aware of how they will present themselves and how they live their life. I really seek out honesty and this weird inspired side that’s kind of mystical.

What gear do you shoot with?

I use almost all analog cameras: Mamiya C330, Nikon FE and other random 35mm cameras. For digital, I recently shot with a Canon 6d and I really enjoyed using it. I still usually use all film though. Film definitely creates this different kind of layering that I really love.

Megan 2


What motivated you to start your blog Inspired Women of LA?

Throughout history, female artists have been ignored and there is a lack of representation of women in museums and galleries. That really frustrates me. I want women who may not have had the opportunity, or who may not have been able to take a risk to be an artist, to be involved. I started this group to try and change that. I want women to feel empowered, that’s what it’s all about.

Inspired Women of Los Angeles is a collective of sisters, mothers, daughters, lovers & women of wonder who collaborate, create & curate art together.


What or who is your inspiration?

Honestly, most of my study of photography has been through books. I’ve been collecting photo books since I was a kid. My first collection was National Geographic in the ’90s and going through all of those was really influential for me. I’m inspired by light and the way it hits objects. I’m inspired by music, dance and all other forms of art.

Gillian Walsworth

Gillian is head of Marketing at Lumoid, a photography gear rental service in San Francisco, CA. You can find her on the weekends shooting commercially or road-tripping with her camera around northern California. Find her on Instagram: gilliangillianw