#MondayMotivation: Career Advice To Start Your Week

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In need of some solid career advice? In an effort to make this work week slightly more exciting (it’s possible, promise), CreativeLive is once again delivering a roundup of our favorite job tips from experts in every field – including the CEO of Hearst. Whether you’re embarking on a new career or content in your current one, we all need the some extra motivation now and then. Check out the advice below to get started.

Ask For A Raise –– But Make Sure Your Boss Knows What You Bring to the Table

“You can’t go to your boss with your needs. You have to focus on the value you add.” – Tyra Banks, supermodel / entrepreneur / creator of the Smize

There’s No Such Thing As Luck

“I think someone told me this, but I certainly tell those that I mentor this: ‘Luck is being ready when opportunity knocks.’ I’ve often been told how lucky I am, but I just was willing to work really late or wake up really early and be ready.” – Fashion journalist / author, Rose Apodaca

Own Your Personality

“Be yourself. My most successful job interviews, work placements, and networking events happened when I was letting my personality shine.” – Lauren Langille, CNBC intern

We’ve Said It Once, and We’ll Say It Again: Be Passionate

“Doing things you’re passionate about really works. I got my start as a newspaper reporter – it’s because that’s what I was most interested in. That led to so many other things. How does one lead to another? When I was getting out of college, being a reporter was what I was most excited about. I did it, I loved it and it’s worked out.” – Steven R. Swartz, Hearst CEO

Stand Up For Yourself

“Show, don’t tell. This means your actions, behaviors, and attitudes will speak volumes on their own. In turn, the person who made preconceived notions about you prior to even working closely with you can view this as overwhelming positive proof that you’re not too individualistic after all.” – Vicki Salemi, Monster career expert

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