Take This Quiz to Learn About Your Relationship with Money


Money is just one of those things that you either understand or you don’t…

You either know how to make it hand over fist, or you just don’t…



In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Like nearly everything in life (and in business), you need to learn how to interact with money.

You can’t expect to stumble your way into making millions, or instantly understanding how to manage money. You can however, become very successful by first taking the time to understand your natural tendencies, and work toward building better habits.

Money management and understanding your relationship with money are huge focal points in our new class, Make More Money and Discover Your Worth with Sue Bryce and Tiffany Angeles.

So, how’s your relationship with money? Take the quiz and find out.

How’s Your Relationship with Money?

Take this quiz to see what best describes your relationship with money. Do you prefer the path of avoidance? Are you an over-spender? Or are you tight fisted with your dough?


It sounds like you may tend to take the path of avoidance. Does this sound like you? You avoid looking at or dealing with your money. You avoid moving forward by procrastinating or perfectionism.  You avoid putting yourself out there or making a decision because you are scared of being judged or making a mistake. Ultimately, you can’t make money or keep it because anxiety or apathy are stopping you from taking action, which keeps you in the safety of avoidance.

Guilt & Shame

Does this sound like you? You may feel undeserving of money because you feel inadequate or unworthy. Bad programming growing up or spiritual guilt create a conflict between what you were taught to believe and the amount of money you would like to have so you feel guilty around money. Low self worth blocks you or a lack of clarity on your beliefs keep you from making or keeping money.

Not Receiving

You have an imbalance in the flow of money by not being able to receive.  You either feel unworthy of receiving money or you act like you don’t need their money. You don’t believe you can get money or pretend money isn’t important and you keep yourself from being profitable because you are giving but not receiving.


Giving to buy a feeling.  You pay for things in order to get admiration, be the caretaker, feel important, or be the big-shot. You may use money to pay off your guilt or give it away because you don’t feel it should be yours to begin with. If you want people to notice you or you feel people should be more appreciative of your generosity then you are overgiving.  You are not able to keep money because you are using it to buy a feeling.

No Boundaries

You say yes even when you want to say no. You don’t want to let people down and feel their reaction so you pretend your needs don’t matter. You may feel unappreciated or that people take advantage of you. You can’t keep money because you let people take what they want so you can feel needed and valued.


Money burns a hole in your pocket. You spend money you may not have on things you may not even want in order to numb and distract yourself from your feelings. You can’t keep money because you use it as a drug to cover up pain.


Money is connected to a lot of pain and secrets. Your family financial reality may be based on lies, secrets, and fighting. Having money may mean loss of love or connection. You shield yourself from making money because you think people oppose you, don’t like you, or are trying to steal from you. Everything seems unfair and you can’t get over the hurt feelings.  Resentment keeps money away from you because you fear everything connected to it.


You believe in security and you pinch your pennies so they don’t run out. You don’t want to take risks because it’s easier to just save than make more. You are hyper aware of what might go wrong so you gain security by holding tight to your money. You have a hard time making more money because you are focused only on what you can see in front of you instead of the possibilities of creating abundance.

How often do you check on your finances & accounts?

About every day

More than once per week

A few times per month

Maybe once per month

Check in on my finances? Haha

Do you feel good about the amount of money you make right now?

Yes, I’m right where I want to be

No, I want to be earning more

How often do you gift or donate money?




Very frequently

Do you keep a budget for yourself, or use any personal finance tracking tools?

Of course!

Yes, but it’s not always updated or checked on

What’s a budget?

You win $1,000 in the lottery, what do you do with the money?

Go shopping

Take a trip

Put it toward a passion project or business

Donate or give it away

Put it into your savings

Funds are tight, but your friends are all taking a trip next weekend and you don’t want to miss out. What do you do?

Go! Fund the trip with a credit card or by borrowing

Don’t go

Your best friend can’t afford to take a trip the two of you planned on next weekend. What do you do?

Find someone else to go with you

Offer to help pay your friend’s way

Don’t go on the trip

How often do you discuss money matters with friends or family?




Want to better understand your relationship with money and figure out how to start getting what you want?

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