8 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Videos

YouTube is undeniably one of the best communities to go out and attract an audience for your business.

However, the videos you put out onto the world wide web are likely going to be the first impression that most potential customers will have with you and your business. It’s crucial to make that impression something that will build the foundations of a lasting, meaningful relationship.

Branding and marketing expert, Becki Crosby aka Whippy Cake has shared with us these 8 most common mistakes to avoid when creating video content for your business.

1. Using a Bad Location

If you’re recording in an area that’s distracting, your viewers are going to be scanning around and not focusing on YOU. Avoid cluttered rooms, loud coffee shops, or spaces with people behind you doing something distracting.

2. Poor Framing

Are you cutting off part of your body or not getting all of your focal point in the video? Use the rule of thirds to make sure your subject is fully in the frame every time.

3. Rambling

Articulate your thoughts clearly, concisely, and follow your speaking points. If you can deliver the same amount of value in 10 words, there’s no need to use 50.

4. Low Energy

You need personality and energy. The camera will take away 50% of your excitement, so you should feel like you’re being slightly over-the-top while you’re presenting your topics.

5. Distracting Clothes

Whether it’s clinking jewelry making a ton of noise or a silly costume that isn’t relevant to your content, you need to be conscious of the image you’re conveying in your video.

6. Distracting Movement

Gestures, odd movements, touching your face too much, or bouncing your leg on camera will all distract from effectively delivering your message.

7. Food & Drink

If you’re chewing gum, slurping out of a drink, or eating food while you’re on camera, your viewers are going to be focused on that – rather than the message you’re trying to convey.

8. Shaky Camera

Not only will your shaky camera lose detail, it’ll be extremely distracting and can actually make your viewers dizzy.

When you’re filming videos for your business or for any professional purposes, be sure to avoid these major mistakes and focus on delivering content that both educates and inspires.

Want more tips for growing your business with YouTube marketing?  Join Becki aka Whippy Cake on July 8-9th for the Free Live broadcast of her class, Grow Your Business with YouTube Marketing.

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