6 Unique Mother’s Day Craft Ideas to Make This Weekend

Your mom. Whether she’s the one who carried you all those months (and has probably told you all about how much work it was), or the one who raised you regardless of genetics, she made you who you are today. And she deserves something more than just a card from the drugstore and a box of mass-produced chocolates. Why not get creative for the woman who raised you with these unique Mother’s Day craft ideas from around the web?

Pleated Kanzashi: This is an older how-to video from Kanzashi in Bloom author Diane Gilleland, but that doesn’t mean it your mom wouldn’t absolutely appreciate one of these gorgeous Japanese-inspired hair ornaments. Diane, who blogs at Craftypod, is a CreativeLive favorite — she’s even teaching a course on making quilts out of old t-shirts in August.

Coconut tangerine sugar scrub: A quick trip to the local natural food store will provide you with everything you need to make mom this luxurious spa treatment from A Pumpkin and a Princess. Not only will she appreciate the time it took to make this gift, she’ll also love the fact that it gives her an excuse to take a long bath.

Pet silhouette art: If you’ve always suspected that your mother’s favorite child is actually one of the family pets, this is the perfect gift to remind her that the dog still can’t use Photoshop. This ultra-simple how-to from Fine & Feathered will make a unique piece of art just for mom, without a taking very much time at all.

A beautiful spring wreath: CreativeLive instructor Kiana Underwood has been pulling flowers from her own garden all spring to make beautiful, meaningful floral designs — now it’s your turn. Try your hand at this lovely Mother’s Day wreath she made, or stick with a simply floral arrangement in a nice vessel. What do you stick them in? How about…

…The best $2 vase ever: Leave it to Aunt Peaches to create this adorable, crazy inexpensive little craft. Add some seasonal flowers (like the lilacs she’s got here, or basically anything growing in your yard) and create a floral design that will brighten her day.

DIY yarn font: If you are a mom looking for Mother’s Day craft ideas to do with the little ones, this super-simple pipe-cleaner-and-yarn trick is great for busy little hands, and requires very few materials.

Still not sold? If your mom’s the crafty type, consider getting her registered for one of our upcoming CreativeLive courses, like DIY Centerpieces for Everyday Occasions, or Scrapbook Your Story. Who knows? Maybe she’ll discover a new love.

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